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All work and no play make jacking off more important than ever. So shake yourself out of that office stupor and snag this discount to Digital Playground – and lighten the hell up already! Digital Playground might sound like it is some weird new online game, but actually Digital Playground (DP hahaha!) is among today’s top producers of adult videos in the porn industry!


Digital Playground Deal


As such, you might think of as everything Netflix for adults ought to be (but that actual Netflix isn’t). Thanks to this cheap porn deal and this one convenient site, you can now partake of each and every adult dvd that Digital Playground has ever produced – and yes, it is all on one site! You don’t need to join a network or go through any trial pass bs here!

With a deep discount like this and so many great porn movies to choose from, you may as well just cancel Hulu – because nothing makes an otherwise ‘blah’ week night get extra spicy like a little play time on Digital Playground – whether you are alone, or watching with the wife or girlfriend.

And speaking of Hulu/Netflix, Digital Playground is also a streaming only kind of porn site—but that hardly is a deal breaker to us, given that you have like thousands upon thousands of hot videos, not counting their plethora of weekly updates!

Now, especially if you love all the recent porn parodies, Digital Playground is definitely the place to relax, unwind, cum, and laugh a little bit too. Their carefully curated collection of XXX Parodies is one for the record books – and we honestly cannot get enough! They have parodies of both mainstream movies and television shows – how about a “How I Fucked your Mother” marathon tonight?

Otherwise, we love Last Cock Standing, Sherlock XXX, and Game of Balls. But if it’s “super hero” or sci-fi stuff you love (be honest, you’re kind of a geek, right?) then you will flip your dick over the Marvel/Star Wars titles here, including but not limited to: The Offenders, Whor: Goddess of Thunder, Zelda: Flesh of the Wild, Guardians of the Gonad, “Ass” Effect XXX, X Files XXX, Pirates of the Caribbean XXX, plus the mothership: Star Wrecked, Star Wars: The Last Temptation XXX, Star Wars: Underworld XXX, Star Wars: One Sith-XXX, Star Wars Force Awakens XXX. We feel the force awakening for sure…in our pants!

While we could go on and on about Digital Playground’s epic parody collection, it is important to stress that they cater to almost every niche under the sun here – so if you just want a good old fashioned college lesbian movie, or a busty milf eating dick, no worries—it’s here and it is in full high definition. They even have “vintage” porn from circa 2000 on here and the quality is still amazing.

If ever there was a time to stop and “play”[with yourself or a willing partner], Digital Playground will more than get you in the mood and lighten that heavy load…*ahem* so don’t miss this cheap porn deal!

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